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for example in situations such as:

A promising product – but what happens next?

You have a development product (healthcare sector) which you believe has a lot of potential. Development must be swift and according to local demands and be geared towards a successful launch whilst carefully considering possible risks. Furthermore, partnering in Europe / USA / Asia may be a good idea. You are seeking professional support in developing a smart strategy and practical help in search, business planning and negotiations.

Securing a prosperous future – but how?

You want to step up investing in your healthcare future. Funding doesn't seem to be a major problem. However, there is a need for good ideas and prudent advice through a competent Business Development function within your enterprise (healthcare sector). You require expert support and someone who is able to work together with your people for a certain time until key projects are running well.

Everything on board?

Before setting sail on a major business journey you want to be well prepared. There are good people and established Business Development functions. However, you feel you need more. To be really prepared you want fresh ideas, team building, wise approaches and practical support.

Ulrike Kluge has worked for many years in the areas of Business Development. She has developed clear insights into what works – and what doesn‘t. You and your team can expect hands-on consulting, practical help and interim management from her.

  Ulrike Kluge | Business Development